Mixed rig template with IK and FK/deformation rigging


I’m looking for a good humanoid character template that I can use as a practice rig in Harmony 12.

As an animator who used to work in Anime Studio Pro, I’m used to posing a character from the hips, using IK bones to let the feet stick to the ground and pulling the body into place. However, a lot of ToonBoom tutorials and sample templates use deformation chains, which makes it a lot harder to quickly pose a character, without having the feet sliding all over the place.

I’ve found this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQoT8EMZmfE but I was wondering if there is a more updated template which (ideally) uses a combination of IK and deformation chains, or has the ability to switch/substitute legs to have either IK or deformation rigging.

same question.
i downloaded the trial and would like to try some animation, but i don’t have time to get into building a rig.

Hey guys, you’ll find a couple of rigs in the topics of our learning portal at learn.toonboom.com

At the present time, I don’t believe we have a character with FK and IK deformation that we are allowed to distrubute, but it’s a suggestion that I will keep in mind for sure.