Mixed Dialogue with Music...

Hi all, I have a rap that I want to lip-sync to a character, but the original Protools project is lost, and all I have is the compiled version with music. The mapper does not seem to do well with that:) I am wondering if anyone out here has had this problem, and figured out a way to filter voice out so it will work with the TB mapper. I have lots of audio tools (Garageband, SoundTrack Pro, etc.). Is it worth trying that, or do I have to rerecord just the rap? Thx!!!


You might want to simple do the singing a second time (singing over the actual rap). Then map the sound you just recorded to keep the mouth, then get rid of track and put the fully compiled track. As long as you were in sync with the original when you rerecorded it you should get some pretty decent results.

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thx great idea will try that.