mitt romney and obama selling cars

Hi all!

This is the first animation I’ve done with animate pro. Thought you guys might find it funny with the election coming up and all.

fyi, theres a couple swears in it.

Let me know what you think!

Good job. And I loved that scoring :slight_smile:

Nicely done. I love the analogy to car salesmen. I’m reminded of a quote I read recently . . . to paraphrase: “Politicians don’t try to solve your problems. They’re busy trying to solve their own problems, i.e. 1) get elected, and 2) get re-elected.”

thanks guys!

@guitarist haha i love that quote! It’s frustratingly true!!

My brothers and I are going to try to make it a consistent web series - which won’t always be political cause we all love some good ol fashion immature humor.

Almost finished up the second one!

Great work I want to participate