Missing Tool Bars

For some reason my SCENEPLANNING and DRAWING TOOLBARS go missing at times and I am forced to use the VIEW option to utilize them. How can I bring them back when they mysteriously disappear?


Evan Jacobs

Hi Evan,

The easiest way to restore the toolbar position is most likely to restore the default layout (Window>Load Layout>Restore default layout). This way all of your windows and toolbar will be brought back to their original position.

You can also set some specific layout with the Set Layout and load these instead.

Best regards,


Does this also apply to setting the PEN?

I find that it changes with each file I open. How can I make it uniform across all the files?


Evan Jacobs

P.S. I am on a G4 Mac in Panther.

hi Evan,

The pen option are specific to your project. Therefor they won’t be kept from a project to another. At the moment there is no way to recover pen from one project to another but I will add that to the feature request for futur versions.

Finally, I just want to let you know that your OS is no longer supported by the software and you might get some weird behavior with it. In any case, feel free to ask if you have further difficulties.

Best regards,



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