Missing Textures importing 3D Models (Cinema 4D)

Hi guys,

I use Cinema 4D for modelling, and would like to put some of my models in Harmony through their import 3D object tool. I can export to 3ds, fbx and obj file formats using it, but can’t seem to figure out one thing…

I do not know how to get Harmony to detect textures. For some reason everytime I import the model, Harmony simply shows the base model with no color, no textures. Anybody know what I can do to ensure that this is imported in?

Thanks again, I appreciate this in advanced.

So what I did was create a material in Cinema 4D, I imported a texture to it and attached it to my model.

I then exported it out as an fbx and made sure I had “embed texture” on.

Importing it into Harmony shows no texture at all. However, opening it in C4D reveals that it’s there inside the file.

Not sure where to go from here, I send my question and files to Support, and Toon Boom Support says that perhaps C4D doesn’t implement textures properly, or if there’s some alternate way that I don’t know of to import a texture to be compatible with Harmony.

I’m really up for any ideas anyone would have.

duplicated post

When exporting from Cinema 4D did you enable the function to bundle the textures so the texture is included in the exported file?

Importing 3D Assets:

Rendering 3D:

I did bake the textures in Cinema4D to FBX, and when I re-open it in Cinema4D the textures are intact. However, bringing that to Harmony doesn’t seem to keep them.

Is that the correct way to do bundling with C4D?

Any possible way to apply the textures I baked straight from Harmony like I can with something like After Effects?