Missing Sequence-number option in the Panel Tab...

Hi guys,
Toon Boom Storyboard Pro-2 issue: No “Sequence” line appears in the “Panel” Tab.

I am missing the possibility to give the sequence numbers into the Panel Tab and I couldn’t find a way how to insert this important function for a proper naming for the panels.
I have a screen grabbed image to illustrate my problem, you can see as attached.
If someone has got solved this problem before, please let me know the solution.

Many thanks,

I don’t have Storyboard Pro but hopefully this will help:

“By default, new storyboard projects are created without sequences. Select this option so that new projects are automatically created with a sequence”

Preferences => General => check Automatically Create New Sequence

Sequence Name Section


Hi o0Ampy0o,

thank you for your links! The links are for Toon Boom Storyboard Pro vesion 4, this version probably has the Sequence numbering option.
I have the version 2 and this unfortunatelly hasn’t this option.

I think I figured out how I could have a workaround oft his for the TBStb Pro version 2.

First I took care about to deactivate the automatic scene numbering as follow :
Edit>Preferences>General>Naming>(activate in the checkbox):Allow CustomPanel Names,Display Total Number of Panels in Panel Name,Enable Acts,Panel Name Auto-icrement Rule 1,2,3,…

Second in Pojekt Properties:Naming>(is should be activated in the checkbox): Override naming preference for tis project,Allow Custom Panel Name, Display Total Number of Panels in Panel Name, Enable Acts… (Same as in the General Preference I gave into it before…)

Third, I used the “Rename Scene” funktion:
selected the panels they supposed to be all together in a sequence and choosed the “Renumber Selected Scenes” option and gave into the"New name:" first the sequence number, followed by an underscore and the scene number, dann hit “OK”. The panels from now on all have in their headings the sequence number as well as the scene number too.

I attached screenshot examples to illustrate this approach as I described above.
(I don’t know how could attach the screenshot, no button is for that. Sorry :frowning:
I attched to my initiating requerst as “TBSTB P2 how to include SequenceNr…jpg”

Thanks for your help, best