Missing pictures in exported file/No smooth animation

Hey all!
I too am a newbie at TBS ::slight_smile:

I’ve tested the program at first with just 1fps and 7 drawings, a few sounds, worked fine, though the working with sounds and drawings is terrible.
You can’t really time the sound with a frame and when you import a sound you get like: “soundname.wav” 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 etc… and I don’t really get that.

The 1FPS 7 drawings worked great as .avi.
Though I’ve done a new one, 24FPS and 31 drawings, same export options as the 1FPS, no compression, highest quality, but I’m missing some drawings/frames in the export file, and the animation isn’t that smooth as it was in the program itself ???
It’s all smooth and perfect when I playback in TBS but as soon as I export the file it’s lame and missing some pictures.
The sound doesn’t work to well with it either, I’ve got this self produced toink effect.(the animation is about a bouncing ball just to test the program a little more)
The toink starts immediatly at 0.001 second and ends at 0.742 second.
In the export and in TBS the sound starts at something like 1.00 second and has got a really bad timing.

Well the sound issue could be resolved by just adding those in another program so I’m more worried about the export problem! ::slight_smile:

Any tips?


For the sound, when you look at the sound in the exposure sheet, you will see the frame numbers, as you say - soundname, 2, 3, 4, etc. As indicated in the User Guide (F1 or Help > Toon Boom Studio Help) on page 333 you can turn on a waveform preview of the sound by clicking on the thumbnail button in the x-sheet.

What format are you exporting your drawings in? Could you show an example of the export, either by adding a link to a screenshot or to a clip? Is there anything different about the images that are missing? Are the missing drawings always the same ones missing every time you export, or are they random and change each export?

Toon Boom Support

Hey lillyV,

Well I found the edit sound section, and messed around with scrubbing and fitting some samples in the animation though I think I prefer to just do the animation clean in TBS and add vocals/sounds/music in later in final cut pro, or adobe premiere pro since it’s easier in those programs to drag samples to the place they need to be.

I’m exporting in .avi, highest possible quality, no compression.(I’m starting to wonder if I have to fill in a compress setting)
Can’t seem to find anything different about the missing pictures too, just made them the same as the rest of the animation, and I just checked if I maybe clicked somewhere which could result in this type of errors but can’t find it ???

I’ve exported them both with and without sound, and the 2 of them are missing the same pictures.
I just checked them again and I noticed the last 8 frames/pictures are simply missing, though a few inbetweens are too.
So I think the animation now exists of like 14 frames or something.
Here’s the exported bouncing ball animation(which is smooth in TBS):

It seems even shorter uploaded on youtube since it cuts off a bit early, but I think you get the idea :p(You might want to replay it a couple of times)
When checking the animation in VLC or Windows media player, the ball doesn’t hit the "turbo"part with a 1 frame difference, so 1 frame more and it hits the turbo and then there’s still 7 more frames/drawings missing after that…


I’ve just tried some compressions, and I’ve got 5 different clips with 5 different values(In size etc. the uncompressed animation without sound was 14MB, these ones are around 1,5MB) and all of them are missing the same frames and the feeling of a fluent animation, so it’s not at random. ???

One of the shots missing is the second “ball hits ground” frame.
You can see the first hit but the second one isn’t there!

Edit: Oh and when I export to .mov, the animation is as fluent as in the program though there seem to be missing even more frames then exporting to .avi

*Edit 2 ::slight_smile: : Nice update =) I thought what if I double the animation just to see what happens, so I took the 31 frames and copy/pasted them.
Now the first animation part is flawless+fluent in .mov format and doesn’t seem to miss any frames, though the 2nd round of animation is again cut off to early, so it’s like it exports -0,5 second before the ending.
For example, you’ve got a 1 minute cartoon, and it exports 0:59,30 of the movie so you miss the last few frames.
How to fix this :p?