Missing Onion Skins? And merging scenes.

Hi, noob here. I’ve been drawing a few panels so far and already encountered a problem. In Storyboard 7 Pro, I started with a few panels and had the onion skin turned on. But on the latest panel the onion skin doesn’t work anymore. What do I do? Are the red boxes underneath the layer names useful?

In addition, how do I merge multiple scenes into one? I accidentally made more scenes and not even renaming them will fix this.

You can set the amount of panels the onion skin allows you to see underneath your drawing by clicking on the icons besides the main Onion Skin toggle in the menu bar. Red is past, Green is future.

The red box under the layer name allows you to exclude a layer’s content from the onion skin view. That is useful, if, say, your BG is a bitmap layer with a jpg. In Onion Skin you’d see a huge block of red or green, and not the character drawn on other layers. Clicking the red box on the BG layer will block it in onion skin view entirely,

You haven’t drawn 5 shots, but 5 panels to a single shot. Check what the New panel, New Shot, and New Scene buttons do, you’ll get it. Then you can split that up using the right click menu over the timeline, or by selecting panels and moving them around.