Missing Mouths

When I do lip syncing, my mouths dissapear when I select them in the ‘modify lip sync’ window. Im labeling the mouth frames a b c d e f g and x, but it doesn’t seem to work. Can anyone help?



I’ve had this exact same problem in the class I’m trying to teach to middle and high school kids! It seems to happen when we try to rename the cells in the mouth element. Sometimes when we use “Rename drawing” it works, other times not. We could usually get the drawings back by renaming them with their original names, or if all else failed by resurrecting the last saved version. And you can always just map the mouth drawings using whatever names they have (map drawing 1 to A, etc.) But I don’t really understand why the drawings sometimes disappear when we attempt to rename them as mouth A, mouth B, etc.

I’m not sure what exactly your steps have been in this process, but here are some suggestions to try if you have not already done so. Create your mouth positions in an element and name them before you map them to the lip sync positions. Then map them to the lip sync positions. If you rename any of your mouth element cels after you mapped them be sure to remap the new cels to lip sync. Renaming does not remap, and the old named cel is still mapped. Also any time you remap mouth positions it is advisable to regenerage the lip syncing. Hope this gives you some ideas on how to resolve your disappearing mouths. -JK