Missing frames

Some files I made on the ver.1 PLE of Animate pro are missing frames or the z-axis of drawings are messed up… In one file, frames 132-164 are blank. The program shows that they are in the timeline, but it appears the drawings are gone ???. Also in another file, the leg of a character was somehow moved to in front of his torso, the drawing’s position of the z and y-axis was somehow changed. This problem generally happens when opening larger files of >5mb on disk. The files here were copied on to a backup drive and then opened again from the drive. Could this problem be related to the backup drive?? Someone plz help!


Try to move your files directly on your hard drive rather then working off the backup drive. This should prevent loss of access to the data. You may want to double check in the file structure if the drawings are really gone or if it is the software that is currently unable to read them. The drawings can all be found in the element folder under the name of the layer in which they are.

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