Missing fonts.


I have a project I did some time ago and now the client urgently requested me to do some minor changes in some texts in the video.

The thing is, I had to reinstall the OS in my mac some time after I did that project and now I don’t have the fonts I used in the project installed in my system and I don’t find the way to know what fonts where used when the video was done because the fonts are just replaced by “Arial” (for instance, if something like this happens in a photoshop file, photoshop tells you, with a warning, what was the font used in the file)

Is there a way to find out what fonts where used in the original version of the file in Harmony?


I reply myself…

I contacted the Toon Boom helpdesk and they confirmed there is no way to know what font you used in an old project. So, be careful, keep organized and save your fonts well.