Missing Fonts weights??

Does Animate 2 have the ability to read font weights? I’m using OSX 10.6 and most of the fonts have a subset or weights. This is visible in OSX’s font handling app FontBook. For example the font “Relay” has the following weights available: light, medium, LightItalic, Black, Bold…

A fonts weight options are available as a dropdown in every other program that I use but don’t appear in Animate2. Is there any way to access these font subsets in Animate 2?

Animate 2 scans for fonts inside /Library/Fonts and also in the user’s Library/Fonts. We only scan for vector fonts such as True Type fonts and ignore the bitmap-based fonts. For the supported vector fonts, if the bold and italic subsets exist then you will have the option to select the option on the “Tool Properties” window inside Animate 2.