Missing Drawings

I selected a range of drawings in one element and dragged them across into a new element. When I clicked on the drawings in their new position there was not any drawing visible. I undid the move and the drawings went back into the original column. When I clicked on the drawings back in their original column, they were still missing. Has anyone had a situation when the drawing name is in the cell, but the actual image is not visible? It seemed to be lost forever.
Thank you


Tried to reproduce this but so far did not succeed. Are you able to get this done in other projects as well?

Also, after you lost the drawing have you tried to undo instead of copying back?



Hi Ugo
Thanks for the reply. Yes I tried undoing. I also had the drawing elements saved in a back-up file but when I tried to import those to replace them it would not do it. I got some error message.

I haven’t tried this with other projects. It has happened twice in total, so I am not too worried about it, but just wondering if dragging a number of cells into a different element was a no-no.

Hi Robert,

We had not received any reports about this so far. If you do manage to reproduce this again would it be possible to provide us a step by step way to do it so we can fix it in future versions of the software.

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