Missing Drawings, Library Search, Importing Drawings

Does the Library show all the drawings in the Elements folder even if they are not present in the Timeline? I think I’ve got missing drawings is there a way to look at them and drag them into the timeline or camera?

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Thank you Mr Scott! This I think is a revelation for me. It seems the software is doing something very useful and intelligent that I’ve not seen before, and I’ve used a lot of different CG programs over the decades. It’s keeping track of related artwork automatically. I suppose it’s doing this because I’ve started various ideas or characters on specific layers. I’m surprised the training videos don’t make this explicit up front.

I think they would benefit from saying “Know up front that your Layers are going to automatically organize your Drawings in the Library so that you can swap them.”

I don’t believe TB really stresses this concept. It seems a highly original innovation but then this is my first foray into traditional animation. I’ve been in the motion graphics, title design, illustration world for 20 years.