Missing drawings in library templates

Hi all,

While putting my poses in the library to make pose and action templates I notice the thumbnails don’t show all drawings. Pasting those poses on the master rig does work without a problem, so in a sense it works… but with the missing pieces there’s less readability of the templates for the animators.

An example:

Full_body template: body / neck / 1 leg / mouth are missing
Body template: neck / mouth missing … but body is now visible
Head_template: mouth is now showing

Anyone an idea why this could be and how to fix it?

Hi Pieter,

did you group your Rig before you created a template from it?
Library thumbnails seem to generate most properly on templates made from groups created with Right Click → Group → Group Selection With Composite.

Best Regards

Hi Stefman,

Yes I did. I can’t seem to find the logic to this bug.

… I’ll see if support can find a solution

Got the answer: the master template (made from the node view) shows everything as all data is included
… the action template is created from the timeline and not all data shows in the preview. For example, the mouth is put behind the head in the library preview

Hi Pieter,

thank you very much for this information. This didn’t come to my mind.

BTW, there is another thread where the topics of master templates, actions templates and the pose copier are discussed. :wink: