Missing Drawing File!?

Hi! I am currently using Toon Boom Studio Express V3! I have a drawing file of a tiger walking in an animation set that I am currently working on and it is not appearing in my animation even though the drawing file is marked in the exposure sheet! I had tried renaming this drawing file once before I had this problem and I deleted a drawing file from the “Tiger” animation set that I am 100 percent positive was not the drawing file that I meant to keep! My logic is leading me to assume that the drawing file is not appearing because something to do with me renaming the file! I am a lil frustrated over this because I don’t like losing my work >:(! Anybody else out there experience problems with missing drawing files in Toon Boom Studio Express V3!? I would sure appreciate some help recovering the file! Thanks in advance for the replies!


Did you solve this problem? I’m having it now. All of my original files still exist. But I may have renamed their folders and shifted them for better organization. I’m a long-time Mac User and not accustomed to this Windows like behaviour :frowning:


I’m not sure you have tried this already but open up the Property Window and go in the Cell tab. You can usually access any drawing that you have made in a specific column of the Xsheet and even though it is not in the column anymore it should be saved an element in the Cell tab. This feature is mainly used for Cut-out animation since you don’t really want to show all your hands on a specific scene yet you want to have them all created before starting to animate.

Hopefully you can find back your drawing.

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Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:

Alas, it didn’t work. I was coming back to make timing edits between two characters on an animation I previously created for a client, and found things amiss… :frowning:

I was hoping the app could perform that little trick; where if such an incident did occur, finding at least one, reconnects all aspects of the project.