Missing deformer structure each pose/drawing

I am having problems finding a way to make seperate deformer structure for each new pose/drawing. Is it completely removed from Harmony 12?

If so I really hope there is a good alternative way to do it without having to do complicated actions. Why in the world would they remove that?

So that means I have to make them from my node view dragging from the node library?

I’m having the same problem.
I can’t believe I have to make everything from scratch.
What’s the point in simplifying the deformer structure if you break one of the best functionalities?
I believe it’s easier to use Harmony 11 instead.

yes they have removed this functionality at the cost of making it an easier process to create and edit bones. i’m all for simplifying the process, but this was done at the cost of creating more complex rigs easily.

of course, you can still manually create your own chains which if you have some experience isn’t hard to do. just time consuming.