Missing Colours

Often when passing documents between machines the artwork will import being all red, all black etc and a popup comes up about a colour recovery, clicking yes always restores everything perfectly.

Occasionally we’ve been running into a wall when this popup simply doesn’t appear and we’re left with the single colour animations.

I have no idea how to solve this without manually reshading everything, any suggestions?

To avoid this problem altogether make sure that your palettes are being saved in the scene.

If you never get the option to recover colors then this is something strange and you should contact support to help you track down the origin of this behavior.

The problem might be related to color lookup tables. Windows systems use something that is different from Mac, Unix, Linux, and can cause problems like this coming into a Windows machine. It doesn’t seem to be an issue coming from Windows to Mac/Unix machines. Try using a different picture format. Formats like TIFF can have more problems than say PNG. You might try some other formats like .sgi as well.