Missing Colour Palettes

Here’s a stumper. On several occasions, my colour palettes have vanished from my Harmony file folders. Haven’t found a way to recover them. Without them, nothing shows up in my saved files. Does anyone know A. Why this is happening and B. Can the files be recovered? I’m using Harmony 12 when this happens. Thanks.

Palette files don’t normally disappear from project folders.
Can you provide more info?
Where were they located on the system?
At which point do they go missing?

Go to the "General Tab of the preferences.
Enable Colour Recovery and Interactive Colour Recovery.

Load your project and click yes to recover the palette.
Don’t forget to rename the recovered to the name the original
palette had and save.

Note that you can also export/import palettes from the Colour
window menu. If this happens to you often, consider saving
a backup of your palette( s ).