missing brush presets shortcuts? (PROBLEM)

Hi again with another problem…
(previous sadly wasn’t solved due to software limitations)

Like most of people I like good workflow and I want to use only shortcuts with my soft without a need to point and click on tools etc.

And there is a problem: We have brush shortcut but there are no brush preset- or even color- shortcuts. When I’m working with 4 different custom brushes i need to click on them every time and its making me really nervous. I don’t like to leave my point of interest. I can’t even switch color fast (like in PS - two main colors). All my coworkers need this option desperately.

Is there any workaround for this?
some kind of addon/plugin ?

Please help.


There is possible to set brushes to remember color and draw behind(or not) and also the destination layer. Just add a new brush in the brush preset window. Name it and choose destination layer. Press OK. Now choose the brush. Choose the desired color. Then go to tool properties and choose Draw behind(or not). Then go to the top left of the brush preset window. There is a + and a - and a, pencil with an arrow button. Press the pencil with an arrow button, this will update the brush properties. The next time you use this brush it will remember color and Draw/ draw behind selection. The above is just for brush not for pencil.

The Brush Presets Window you find by pressing the small arrow in any window.

There is also a brush presets toolbar. Go to the Top Meny -Windows -Toolbars -Brush Presets.

There are shortcuts between every tool. For some also over ridable.
These are the ones that start with alt+ . If you skip, alt ,then the shortcut works for the time you press the actual key, and switch back as you let it go.

I don’t think there are shortcuts for Color Swatches and Brush Presets.
Just want to emphasize that I am just a regular user of the software , not an expert. There might very well be features I am not aware of.

Best regards

Thank you, but I know all of this - still for casual users those informations could be useful. The problem with the workflow is that you cant use shortcuts for color switch or jump on brush presets. You simply must click on color or brush preset to select it - that mean i must fly with my pen/mouse somewhere leaving my point of interest.

please - make “add shortcut” button in “Manage Brush Preset” window!!!

please make addon/plugin!!!


You can save unique tools and add short cuts to them .


I hope this will help you.

I’m also interested to add keyboard shortcuts for specific brushes / erasers. In photoshop it’s achievable with actions, also in TVPaint it’s possible. Maybe a good idea for a future update. :slight_smile: That would be nice for keyboard shortcut freaks like us.