missing brush presets...please help

I can’t locate any brush presets … there is only Brush 1.
When I go up to windows/toolbars/ no presets.
Can anyone help

Brush Presets:

See Working with Brush Presets section:

Tip of the Week #35 SBP Brushes:

Thanks for the links and reply. See below the link you gave me has images of brush styles and there are none in my storyboard pro4 Tool Properties.
I’m confused.

To select a brush style:

• In the Tool Properties, select a brush style from the Brush Presets section.

Did you allow the installer to go through the default process?

I do not recall whether TB software provides an opportunity to choose destination folders for factory libraries.

Send an email to Support to get that rolling if you have not already done so.

Are you on a Mac or Windows system?

I don’t have SBP but going by Animate Pro on my Mac I can observe that the bulk of the software installs within a folder located in Applications. I can see tool preset-related resources. You might look to see whether you can locate resource files for SBP somewhere on your system. You might be able to direct the software to them. You might need to perform a fresh installation.