Missing Bezier handles in Function Curve Editor

Some function curves have handles, but others don’t (such as the Camera-Peg: Path: 3D Path Editor Z) and I can’t figure out why not. Shouldn’t they all have handles? Do I have a setting wrong?


Quaternion rotations do not seem to have beziers, probably because x, y and z are linked and share one velocity. The manual does not really mention this, so I would appreciate a little more info on this.

3D path and Quaternion are combined X,y,z parameters and it’s not possible to have handles per axis because of this.

If you want to edit the 3 path you should work in the Camera, Top, Side or perspective views by showing the Controls for that path. You can add control points (P) or keyframes on the path and adjust the Tension, Continuity or biais to further modify the curve.

The 3D rotation quaternion parameters don’t have handles so if you need to adjust you have to create keys and use the rotation velocity.

In both cases if you need more control on one axis then you should use the separate modes. It really depends on the type of movement you need to do.

OK, thank you!