Missing Animation Progress

Hello! I made a camera animation, which took me hours to establish, and I entered the file only to find the progress incomplete. While having an mp4 showing my progress, it seems it saved way before animating the camera. What would be some ways to recover missing animation? Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.


There are a few possible ways to recover missing animation in Blender, depending on the situation. Here are some suggestions:

Check the auto save files in your temporary directory. Blender saves your file automatically every few minutes, so you might find a recent version of your animation there. To access the auto save files, go to File > Recover > Auto Save and sort the files by date. See Recovering Data for more details.

Check the save versions files in the same folder where you saved your file. Blender keeps a backup of the previous two versions of your file, with the extensions .blend1 and .blend2. You can open them from Blender by enabling the backups filter in the file browser. See 3 Ways to Recover Lost Work for more details.

Check the quit.blend file in your temporary directory. Blender saves your file when you quit the program normally, so you might find your animation there. To open the quit.blend file quickly, click Recover Last Session in the splash screen or the file menu. See Blender, saving and recovering for more details.

Check the timeline and the dope sheet for any hidden or missing keyframes. Sometimes the keyframes might disappear from the timeline, but they are still in the dope sheet. You can use the Home key or the View > Frame All option to show all the keyframes in the view. See Keyframes disappeared in the timeline for more details.

I hope this helps you.

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Is this solution worked for you or not? If any question let me know, will help you.