Misalignments between views ?

My drawing are not at the same place in the drawing view than in the camera view…

If I have misalignments between the 2 views. If I move something in one view it will move in the other view (and vice versa) but I can’t get my object to align in both view…

Am I doing something wrong?



OS X 10.5

Hi - it is normal that your drawings are not in the same position because the drawing view and the camera view work differently:

-painting and drawing should be done in the drawing view;
-placements and movements are done in the camera view.

Note that the drawing select tool should be used to position your characters and other drawing obects in the drawing view and the transform and other animation tools should be used to pose and create movement in the camera view. This will result in different positions between what you see in each view, which is expected.


Thanks! ;D