Mirror images

Have another newbie question and I have been trying to figure it out but no luck.

When I draw and item and I want to mirror it or flip it so it stays identicle how can I do this in TB5.

Thanks =)

If you want to flip a drawing object, select it in drawing view and go to the upper tools menú and locate drawing tools/flip horizontal or vertical.
If it is an element, in camera view, select it with the transform tool and go to tools menú/transform/flip horizontal or vertical this will create a keyframe in timeline element position, where you apply the flip, if you use select tool, the whole element will be flipped. Regards.

Can’t believe i didn’t see that!

Thank you very much!!

If you want to turn the bottom image into a mirror reflection of the top image by dealing with your source image, then you need vertically flipping the image, so easy.


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