minor paint malfunction in Harmony standalone


A new glitch has arisen for me in Harmony Stand Alone: when painting, rather than select the paint tool from the tool bar, or permanently select the paint tool with alt+i, I usually hold down the ‘i’ key for paint (and sometimes ‘y’ for paint unpainted), then click the area I want to fill.

But just recently when I do that, no matter what colour I have chosen, the area I choose to paint is filled with the topmost colour in the list, rather than the colour I’ve selected.

It seems I can get around this by just going with alt+i. But I have been using Toon Boom for years, and the method of holding down a key to activate a tool temporarily is just about hard wired into my work routine. And it has only started happening in the past couple of days. Very annoying, when I’m up against a tight deadline!

Thanking you in advance for any wisdom or insight!

What version of Harmony are you using?

Could it be that you have unlinked the Brush, Pencil and Paint color pots like this:


You choose a different color for the Brush but then when you do the tempory paint tool it’s still set the another color for the paint.

Thanks Steve! I am using Harmony 10. The linking in the palette didn’t occur to me; it’s a relatively new feature, and I haven’t explored its purpose. I linked the tools, and the temporary paint tool now resumes the behaviour to which I am accustomed. Thank you!