Minor but annoying UI bugs in 4.5

They’re minor but irritating:

1) In Studio 4.5, whenever I switch the Workspace to Drawing View, the Color Pallette panel is partially cut off on the right of the screen. Thus I can’t access the icons for the pallette menu and display. Only by undocking and then re-docking the pallette does the whole thing show. Doesn’t matter if the screen is maximized or not. If I switch to another workspace and then back to Drawing View, the problem reoccurs.

2) Submenu delays: When accessing any menu with submenus, there is a delay before the submenus open. Although my graphics card is meant for Direct 3D, when in this mode, the delay in submenus opening is as long as 2 seconds. When in OpenGL, the delay is around half a second. It gets very irritating when I am working fast and need to access various submenus.

I’m using the Windows version in XP Pro SP3

I hope that these little annoyances and others that arise will be addressed in a future patch. Or, after so many years of development, is TBS becoming on the bloated side?

Using TBS 4.5 / OSX 10.4.11 / NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT

Well, I have upgraded to 4.5 just a few days ago, but so far I have not encountered such a Palette-switching problem you’re describing, even submenus are popping up nearly instantaneously,
everything is working very well…

Might be just XP ? or your graphic-card ?
Have you switched your Display-options ? - Does that make a difference ?


Hi Fong,

Concerning point 1 this may be related to your screen resolution. The default setup for the Drawing working space may be a done for a different screen resolution so you might want to adjust it to your need and save that workspace afterward to avoid getting the color palette issue.

As for point 2 make sure that you update your graphic card drivers. Else then that to have the submenu show up do you actually click on the menu or do you leave your mouse over it for the sub menu to appear. It may show up faster if you actually click on it.

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My screen resolution is 1920 x 1200. Hard to see this as a problem.

As for the submenus, I have all the latest graphic card drivers, I have tried every combination of settings in Toon Boom Studio for display. What happens is this: If I leave the mouse hovering over the menu, I’ll wait up to 3 seconds for the submenu to appear.

Even trying the clicking option is maddening. First, there is only a brief window of opportunity for doing so. If I click immediately after the main menu drops down, it works (sort of, read later). But if I leave the mouse hovering, wait for the submenu to appear, and then run out of patience, and then click it after a second or more, then the submenu opens up for a split second and closes again. After that, no amount of hovering or clicking will make the submenu come out. I have to completely close all menus and start over.

Back to if I DO click it during that window of opportunity. There is still a short pause before the submenu comes out. If my instinct kicks in and I click it again, then it does the same as reported above: appears and disappears, then I have to close all menus and start over.

It’s really really frustrating. I don’t remember this in any earlier versions, and I’ve been using Toon Boom Studio since pre-release version 0.9.

Can’t provide an answer, but I’m not seeing a problem (looks like I have a similar spec PC).

ToomBoom Studio 4.5
Monitor: 1900x1200 Apple
Windows XP SP 3
DirectX 9.0c
Video driver 169.44
Intel Core 2 Quad (Q6600)
GeForce 8800 GT 512MB
ForceWare version: 169.44
Video BIOS version:
Bus: PCI Express x16

Hope you find a solution