Made in Mexico by Victor G. Muñoz
American Bad Ass Biker Termites
Cartoon for kids ages 6 to 11.


Created, Written, Produced and Directed by Victor G. Muñoz
Voices and Animation by Victor G. Muñoz
Animation in Toon Boom Studio 6

Soundtrack Music

Written by Victor G. Muñoz
Performed by Victor G. Muñoz with Compressorhead Band
Used without permission

“Children of the grave”
Written by Ozzy Osbourn, Tony Lommi, Gezzer Butler and Bill Ward
Performed by Black Sabbath
Used without permission

“Mouth of war”
Written by Pantera
Performed by Pantera
Used without permission

“Go into the water”
Written by Brendon Small
Performed by Dethklok
Used without permission

“Seek & Destroy”
Written by James Hetfield / Lars Ulrich
Performed by Metallica
Used without permission

Written by Eddie Clarke, Ian Kilmister and Phil Taylor
Performed by Motorhead
Used without permission

Termite Footage
Sound Fx

Made in Mexicali, Baja California, México.

i certainly don’t think you hit the target age bracket of 6-11.

I commend you for finishing your animation but it looks rushed and could use general work throughout. With the simple drawings you need to be even crisper with your animations which I didn’t feel you were.

Your sound track was a bit of a trip down memory lane for me!