Millions of Colors+ shows up as a black .mov file

I’m animating over live action, adding hand drawn FX for a show (Animate Pro 2).

I am trying to export some short scenes with an alpha channel for this overlay style and the scenes will export fine with every codec expect Millions of Colors+, which only creates a file that opens to a black screen for the runtime of the scene.

Importing these .mov files into editing software (DaVinci Resolve), it shows none of the animations (though it will preview them somehow) and does not work in the editor or in the renders from Resolve. These .mov files will convert using a Conversion software but then lose their alpha channel in that process.

I have exported files from Toom Boom many times with the Millions of Colors+ and no issues, but suddenly for this project 3 of the 3 scenes I’m working on export these same blank .mov files. I’m assuming there is something in the settings that I’m missing? Camera and Display settings are all the same as in past, successful projects.

Note: whenever the reference video layer is turned on, the file exports with no issues. Turn that layer off, nothing shows up on the export.

I know I can convert an image sequence, but lacking AE, it’s another step I’m trying to avoid because of this company’s online editing workflow.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I’m not very familiar with DaVinci Resolve but the transparency info from
Anmate Pro renders are pre-multiplied with black. If there is a method in
DaVinci to tag the imported clip as being pre-multiplied with black,
you should get the desired results.