Milkshake animation

Here’s a link to my second-ever Animate animation. I’m learning about multi-planes, reversing a character’s direction of movement, frame-by-frame animating, syncing sound and fades. After listening to many tutorials, I’m now deciding what I want to create and then referring back as needed.

Here’s a link to my blog, that has my illustrations and whatnot on it.


Pretty nice little animation.

I gather this is just test.

Yep, just learning the software. Much to learn.

Great work, Andrew! And you’re just getting started?! I checked out your blog and was very impressed with your art! You have a great feel for design and I also really liked your work with ZBrush! I have messed with this app on an off for years but you seemed to have picked it up in such a short time.

I’m sure you’re going to enjoy animation as, with your great background and character designs, they’re gonna look great! All the best!

Nice!! I particularly like the stylized cow. I don’t know that a nice angled leg would’ve ever occurred to me and look how much fun sits in that shape!

Thanks for the kind words! Animate is a blast. My next study is puppet animation, with lip-syncing. For this, I drew a goat.

Love your work, Andrew! The stylized look is wonderful and I especially appreciate all the texturing in the backgrounds shown on your blog. Do you create all these in Photoshop? Do you make your own PS brushes?

Thank you, Guitartist. Yes, the backgrounds are all created in Photoshop. I use the standard brushes and brushes created by an artist named CWahl. I need to buy that guy many beers should I ever find him. Plus, I create my own, as needed, like wood-grain textures, bubbles, even cockroaches and skulls. To make a brush, draw something in black or grayscale, create a square bounding box around it with the marquee tool, select Define Brush Preset from the Edit menu, give it a name and there you have it. From your name, I assume you’re a guitar player as well as artist. Cool. I’m going to lay down an accordion track for one of my animations. I’m not a stellar player, but I have fun. Love the Irish music.

Thanks for the tips, Andrew! I did a search and found you could download a bunch of CWahl’s brushes here.

Nice to know about the CWahl brushes and thanks for finding the download site, Zeb. (I love your work also, by the way!)

Andrew, I think you’re the first person to ever see that middle “t” in my user name and understand it. Most people just see “Guitarist.” I do play guitar but also a little mandolin and banjo. And yes, I’m also an artist and I’m trying to learn to animate with Animate Pro, After Effects, etc.

By the way, you credit Jeff Kashiwa for your soundtrack . . . is that THE Jeff Kashiwa who played with The Rippingtons? Nice friend to have! :wink:

Yes, that’s the Jeff Kashiwa of the Rippingtons. We were roommates in Huntington Beach, CA ages ago. He was also my sax teacher. Lots of good stories there. I saw the Rippingtons play in Whistler, B.C. last summer at the Jazz Fest. Good stuff! I did the cover for Jeff’s CD, “Walk a Mile.” Not my favorite piece. Death by art direction.
I’m playing accordion and singing in a little group we put together in our condo community. We do a lot of Decemberists tunes, so we call ourselves the Novemberists. We have a guitar and mandolin player. Wish we had a banjo.

That was amazing for a second ever animation! Hope to see more in the future!

Cool cow. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

Yeah the cow was pretty funny, would like to see more of it. I am loving the Textured BG’s on your Blog!

I love the cow!