migrating pivot points

hi there

got a bit of a recurring problem with pivot points - still.

Ok - so ive got my character rigged. made several animations (all separate as they are for a game). All those are fine.

Now ive made a final animation, and half way through, the pivot for the shoulder has migrated. Its in the right spot on frame 1 and miles of by frame 20.

(i have been using the rotate tool only - i have a separate master peg for location of the character).

What im trying to figure out is

1, why the pivot has moved (i havent moved it myself - as ive struck this before i have been very carefull and will eat my hat if wrong)


2, how do you fix it without trashing the whole animation? (ive tried relocating the pivot, but this pushes the graphic around in the opposite direction and messes up any previous frames, ive tried moving the graphic to be back in line with the pivot but this messes up my parent/child relationships.) - ive even tried deleting all key frames for that peg but the first keyframe and the pivot STILL migrates

do i really have to remove and re-rig the entire arm? because at the moment that seems the only reliable option - but at the same time seems to be a completely impracticle fix to something that logically shouldnt be happening.

Ive had reccuring issues with this, and while im really enjoying TBS, this is turning into a major issue with respect to completing larger projects.

Any insight anyone may have would be greatly appreciated - as im making a forehead shaped impression in my desk :wink: - is this an issue for other users?

update: Ive narrowed it down to being linked to my master location peg somehow.

The further i move my character away from its original start location (using the master location peg) The further the pivot (of a child peg - but only a particular peg - not all of them - so whats different?) moves away from its start position.

Now - i can see zero logical reasoning for this. So what is causing this to occur?
Theres obviously some relationship between the two pegs - but what is it?

If any one from TBS is reading this i would love to know if this is a regular issue and how to fix it.

Hi Frasermu,

I am not exactly sure to understand why you are getting this behavior.

Would it be possible to send us a project in which we could reproduce it to see if there is something wrong?

You can contact us at techsupport@toonboom.com and if the file is too big to sent by e-mail we will setup an ftp folder for you to upload the file.

Best regards,