Migrating from Flash: 3 part question on Symbols


1 - I can make a symbol but how do I enter its timeline to animate in? In flash you just double click on it to go in, then double click on the background to go back out. One of the most best features of Flash that I hope Harmony has.

2 - How do I control the playback of that symbol in the main timeline? (Ex: In flash it’s the properties drop down ‘single frame, loop, play once’.

3 - Is there a hierarchy bar or other way to see where I am in the symbol hierarchy?

Harmony uses Templates which are similar to symbols and they can be saved and stored in the Library, animation Templates that are stored in the Library can be dragged on to the Timeline frame or layers panel, by selecting the Template in the Library you can even adjust what part of the animation Template appears on screen where and how long, watch this tutorial from 18:00 to get some info https://www.toonboom.com/resources/video-tutorials/video/lip-sync