migrate global library to vers6

hi all - just upgraded to TB6 and have been looking for steps to migrate my 4.5 global library over - tried a few things i found but so far nothing has worked … any help would be appreciated …thanks, dan

Open your V6 library panel
right click inside the catalog navigation pane and select Open Library
find your desired library folder on your computer and select the Global.tbc file or whatever named tbc file you want to open
That will open it in your V6 library and you can rename it and then save your Global Library which will convert the old symbols to V6.

Hope this helps -JK

hi jk - thanks, that did the trick - funny this is that i had initially done that - only when i opened the folder, i saw all the individual folders making up my global and thought it was just that, a listing of what was there … had i ventured further on down the list, i would have seen the global.tbc file and given it a shot … live and learn ;D … one thing i have noticed is that i now have two global libraries … i renamed the one i just brought in to global-v6 … i want to delete the empty global one but the delete option is grayed out … and finally - pushy, aren’t i ;D - is there some way to reorder the library sequence where i can move the new global library above my templates and local libraries? thanks, dan … oh, and so far, i am impressed with v6 - especially the bone manipulations…

hi all - just noticed that there is almost nothing in my global.tbc file - 4k - in the global folder where the global.tbc file resides, there is some 6gigs and 875 tbt files comprising the toonboom studio - global library 4.5 …which are all the global entries i had uploaded into different catalogs under the global library header during my days using toonboom. I am surprised they are not included in the global.tbc file itself … do i have to recreate the catalog names then upload each one of these tbt files separately into the catalogs they once resided in? Or did i just screw something up by just opening the global.tbc file? Or even when i created these different catalogs under the global header was there something else i needed to do to insure they were a part of the global.tbc file? thanks, dan

Not sure what you are doing. The TBC file points to the included TBT files. You can’t separate them physically on your storage drive otherwise you will break the linkage. The TBT files are the actual templates. The TBC file is just a bunch of pointers including the catalogs, there are no separate catalog files, they are virtual inside the TBC file. You must do everything regarding catalogs and templates from your library panel inside TBS. As to reorganizing your library, you can drag and drop templates to other catalogs inside the library panel, but I think the local catalogs have to stay at the top of the list by default, then any globals can follow. You can open and close them as needed if your library panel is too crowded also collapse them too. Also all renaming must only be done inside the library panel in TBS not actually to the physical files in storage. -JK

hi jk - okay - not sure why this is, but i have a bunch of global.tbc files on my hard disk … the one i had chosen yesterday was not the latest … after some searching, i found the one that i had been using in 4.5, opened it, all is there … anytime i add to the library, i do it within tbs… i have a lot of older libraries on my hard disk dating back to versions 3 up to version 4.5 … would there be an issue if i went to the hard disk and sent them to the trash? i do have them backed up to my backup hard disk and to my online backup service… thanks, d

I have global libraries going back to Version 1 or 2. I use to use those earlier versions over the years to, if you can believe it, answer forum questions using the appropriate version. I rarely do that anymore so I don’t need those earlier versions or their libraries. I do on the other hand migrate most significant prior library assets to my current version’s global library or open prior libraries as needed. As long as you have old libraries archived for emergency access, I’d say put the extra copies in the trash can. Just don’t trash anything not securely archived because banging your head on the desktop in anger is never fun. -JK

Hi JK - each global library is built upon the previous so I’m pretty sure everything i need is now in the current version - yeah, i know, famous last words ;D - as for banging ones head againt the desk - I just know it feels so good when i stop :slight_smile: thanks for the continual assistance … d