Middle school projects?

Does anyone have suggestions about projects that would be appropriate for my 7th and 8th grade students? I’m teaching an animation class using TBS and finding that my students are easily frustrated with the projects I’ve come up with. My first project was a variation on the greeting card tutorial, and my high school class enjoyed it a lot, but the younger kids couldn’t make any progress w/o a huge amount of handholding on my part. They need simpler projects that move more slowly. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Why not try letting them animate a stick figure man. Younger kids don’t get too excited about animating balls or other early exercises but they love creating stick figures that move like real people.

Watch this animation, way too complicated to start for beginners, but the character will give you plenty of ideas and the kids will get excited that they can make simple versions of this kind of character animation. And they will learn the basics of animation using it. If you want, you can start them making flip book stick figure animations so they get the concept of how animation works even before they use software. -JK

Thanks! I’m going to try these ideas tomorrow with my class.

hey did you make that it is sweet. if you did may i enquire how (I only own tbs) but i think it is sweet