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I want to switch to a tablet instead of a mouse because of carpal tunnel, but I really need the middle click in my workflow. I use it for almost every peg transformation I do. So I tried remapping the wacom pen eraser to middle click, but Harmony won’t register it as a middle click. I tried to find a solution in the Harmony help but I never found anything about the middle click for transformations in the documentation.

I was wondering if there is a way to do it or if it’s like photoshop and the eraser can only be an eraser?
Also I think it would be nice if the middle click options were in the documentation, because it’s a very big productivity tool that people should know about.


I use my pens with right click assigned to the lower button and middle click to the upper button. Wouldn’t that work for you?

I have tried using the buttons on the pen for the middle click, but the problem with that is that my hand is very unstable, if I’m not touching the tablet with the pen for clicking, the pen moves when I release the button. So I lose the position of the cursor and I end up moving the peg too much. Hence the need to reassign the eraser. I also tried using the button as a modifier, so that when I click it, the pen becomes a middle mouse click, but that also didn’t work. I am not a 100 percent sure it’s a toonboom problem though, as I tried my logitech g13 for the right click and it works with harmony, so maybe it’s a wacom problem…
There is the same problem with Photoshop and Wacom says it’s a Photoshop problem.

Do you happen to have an iPhone or iPad?

This app can be used to create a screen of custom buttons.

Custom Keypad App:

Works with OS X, Windows and Linux.


Do yourself a favor and really take some time imagining how it could be once you got used to it / trained yourself you utilize it.

It can be customized extensively.

Of course you need the iPhone or iPad though.

Considering that Harmony has some compatibility problems with Wacom, which is the most used tablet, I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t have problems with an app. And I don’t own any apple product.

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