Middle mouse button to pan the view

Please allow us to press the middle mouse button to pan the view. This is supported in Krita, ClipStudio, Photoline, InkScape, Blender, OpenTOonz/Premium, and many other applications. With a Wacom it saves a lot of time.

I think it is about time to leave Photoshop’s space bar-only panning behind us.

if this is regarding wacom intuos mouse use, it is pretty easy to set a harmony-only (or global) control override for every button on the wacom tablet, stylus and mouse in the wacom prefs panel. in this case, you’d just add a new preference slot for the intuos mouse when you use harmony, and set the middle click to trigger space bar, and it would then remember to perform this behavior only in harmony and remain native middle click in other apps.

i’m sorry if this solution is already obvious to you (and my comment should not nullify the request toward toonboom), but this is at least an easy and permanent work around to your issue. i have carefully mapped all of my wacom control buttons for harmony in this way so i don’t have to “break away” to the keyboard so often.

personally i like that the middle mouse button in animation mode allows to move around the selected object without having the mouse over it but i wouldnt mind switch the shortcuts around so its the space button. I was actually wondering how is that middle mouse function moved to other shortcut buttons for the same effect it has right now