Middle mouse button in documentation

I was browsing through the Harmony documentation and noticed that it’s never mentioned anywhere that the middle mouse button allows transformations without touching elements directly.
If no one tells you or you don’t discover the feature by accident, you’ll never know.

Hopefully this will be added in the documentation at some point, since some people will learn the software on their own by reading the documentation.

The recommended input nowadays is a drawing/display tablet. So most probably don’t have a middle button setup, but for those that do!

In the Node View it acts as a pan, this is set in the Preferences. The same can be setup for Camera/Drawing view under Preferences. Remember holding [Spacebar] and click dragging does the same for these views.

Camera/Drawing/Node View, Zoom In and Out.
Holding [Spacebar] and the middle mouse button while dragging the mouse up or down.

Transform Tool, as you brought up.
The middle mouse button acts as if Easy Drag is enabled in the Transform Tool Options. Also allowing for bounding box manipulation.

So the answer is : never mind that, since we don’t recommend using a mouse we won’t say in the documentation that it’s an option?
This is a feature that supervisors usually recommend using in a studio setting for puppet animation. It would be nice if it was at least mentioned. Also those who use a mouse are usually much faster than those who use a tablet, that’s partly why it’s recommended.