Microsoft Visual C++ Error?

When I try to export my animation which is 5069 frames long with about 30 sound files I get this Microsoft Visual C++ error. It does not say why it has occured, is it because it is such a large project? I have not had this problem before when exporting smaller projects?

Is it an Animate error or encoder error?

Have you tried exporting to a different format?

Are the sound files mp3’s or wav’s?

My sound files are WAV, I think that the error is due to my computer not having enough guts as I seem to be able to export it 2000 frames at a time instead of 5069 in one go. The problem I have when doing this though is I need to put the animation back together but to do this I have to convert the files from MOV to AVI or WMV so I can import it to Windows Movie Maker to stick them together, when converting them they loose a significant amount of quality. Is there any other solution so I don’t loose the quality? I it because I’m using the youtube downloader converter to convert them?

The best way is to export frames(images) then arrange the sound in your compositor.

However you have 30 sound files and that might be a bit of an issue.

The best solution would be user a compositor that supports mov. If all you are doing is attaching files together im sure there is a free one.