Microsoft Surface Studio

Check this out working with Moho 12 Pro


Do you know how the communication between the rotative dial device and the software works?

Is it sending keyboard short cuts or has the software to be adapted?

On the other hand I think that some software development is needed. I don’t think that the thing will directly be able to recognize Harmony’s timeline, to display and bend it around itself and to navigate within it.

I like the idea of a Wacom Cintiq-like tablet without a clunky border. You could use touch screen buttons in place of the mechanical buttons that exist. However the real test will be how sensitive and precise it is in addition to how well it can interface with existing software.

I also like the idea of the dial being something that gets the unused hand more involved in the creative process. As a traditional artist that makes sense. One of the odd things that computer graphics brings to the table is how it all seems to be channeled through a funnel. You work by remote control for the most part but the Cintiq-like devices help immensely in this regard. The less you have to click around a menu to get to functionality the better. You really don’t want to have to think about the tool. You should be thinking about what you are creating.

I am biased and used to the artful presentation of Apple products. I have been 100% pro Apple for decades. It would be great if this could handle OS X at least through a hack.

The Surface Studio is a product Apple could have designed as an iMac (r)evolution - it really is impressive, looks very nicely designed, and is expensive. It’s may cut into Wacom’s market share. Wasn’t Steve Jobs ultimate aim to get rid of the mouse and keyboard and work directly with the screen? If so, Microsoft seems to have made the next step. It reminds me a bit of Minority Report. for anyone working in drafting, digital painting/drawing, animation, zBrush, etc. I think this is a beautiful proposition. (But still under-powered hardware for the asked price, hmmm…)

Years ago it would have been Apple to come out with something like this, I think. Unfortunately, Apple seems to be stuck in a state of non-creativity for some time now, and rolls out a very expensive Macbook pro with an under-powered GPU and no touchscreen. But hey, there’s that touch bar thing. Still, I am sure it will do fine in the market.

(Btw, this is of course great free advertising for Moho Pro. :wink:

This seems to be challenging Wacom’s market more than any other.

Steve Jobs didn’t like styluses but this was at a time before touch sensitivity was improved using capacitive technology.

He hated multi-button mice. He felt things could be refined enough so all that would be required is a single button.

I don’t have an iPhone and I don’t use my iPad as an iPad so touch screen activity is not something I have embraced and integrated in my day to day activity. I would not use the touch screen if my Macbook Pro featured it. Maybe I am too rigid but I use the keyboard so much to touch the screen would be an added step rather than a shortcut…and the fingerprints? No thanks.