Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or Microsoft Surface Pro 2 ???

I need a little help here:
I use animate pro 3 and storyboard pro, I want to buy a surface pro, but I need to decide in the best of this two:

Surface Pro 3 = Ntrig pen digitizer
Surface Pro 2 =Wacom pen digitizer

which one works better (less trouble) with animate and storyboard ?


here is the solution for pressure in animate:

Under Edit → Preferences → Advanced
There’s a box that says Tablet Support “Use Qt Wintab Tablet Support (requires Relaunch)”.

This is supposed to toggle it from using Wintab and using an alternate protocol (I guess INK API).

read in :

seems like the surface pro 3 works with toon boom animate: just reading this blog post:

The moment Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3, many artists with Toon Boom asked the same question: Will Surface Pro 3 work with Toon Boom Software?

Three weeks ago, my i7 Surface Pro 3 arrived from the online Microsoft store. The short answer to the question is: Yes, with some qualifications.

This past Fall I bought a Surface Pro 3 and was unhappy with the Ntrig experience and had problems with a jittering cursor/wacky lines (in multiple programs). I returned the Pro 3 and now have a Pro 2 and am much happier. It is a tiny screen - hope your eyesight is good. I’ve gotten used to working with the small screen though. The Pro 3 has had updates to the pen since then, so maybe it performs better now. Also, I’m biased towards the way Wacom works cause that’s what I’m used to. I have noticed some odd keyboard command anomalies in Animate 3 lately. Storyboard has worked well.

Thanks chadwickD!

this sucks! because Surface pro 3 have a bigger screen and nice battery life, thinner size… ;( but the Ntrig pens always have this problem, I will wait if they fix this if not, I will be saving more money to buy the Cintiq companion 2…

;( I almost buy Surface pro 2, but this problem is holding me back…