Microsoft Surface and Brush Pressure

Im aweosme, but broke.
Have TB8.1 and a Surface Pro 3, which I was hoping would be a cheaper alternative to a wacom standalone. . . Which it kinda has been.

Brush pressure does not work for the surface in TB. (It works in other programs such as Photoshop and OneNote which it was designed for).

Now, is this just a driver support issue? Or perhaps have I set up something wrong and it does indeed work?

So no one can answer this then?
Anyhoo… after researching for the last few weeks I have come to the conclusion that I made mistakes in my previous research and subsequent purchases.
Toon Boom does not seem to support Ntrig except in the most basic of functions whereas Wacom is supported and all functions work correctly. This seems to be right down to some basic touch functions and not just the pens. There are quite a lot of other options in hybrid tablets that have wacom digitizers in them using the Wacom Feel-It drivers and working with all software that supports Wacom tech. Furthermore they they Support other appropriate Wacom Pens… One can buy a hybrid tablet and one of Wacoms better pens AND TBS … and have spent a third of the price of a Wacom standalone. You can basically make yourself a cintiq companion for a third of the price.
Other, less acclaimed software DOES support Ntrig and all the touch functions and sensitivity seem to work perfectly. . . . such as Anime Studio . . . which I have now been using since its what works with my equipment.
Im fairly disappointed in that . . I would much rather be using TBS since I purchased it legit only to find out that an inferior software actually has more support. . . and community support also it seems, from the lack of response here.
I had almost immediate responses talking to those guys.

So, so summarize . . .
If you have a surface pro 3, dont bother buying TBS until they support Ntrig technology, if that ever happens. You wont be able to use the tablet in the way you envisioned with it.
If you have a surface pro 3 then use Anime Studio Pro as it supports Wacom, Ntrig and BT technology and all of your touch functions and pressure sensitivity will work correctly (except that the zoom is reversed for some reason, lol. Pinching makes it bigger and spreading makes it smaller).
If you want to use TBS because their technology is responsible cos all your fave cartoons … then buy a well spec’ed hybrid TabTop with a Wacom digitizer built in. You will have enough money left over to buy TBS and get a decent Wacom pen instead of the usual crap OEM pens that ship with these hybrid tablets.
No one will tell you this… its something you have to learn on your own it seems through rigorous research. My financial kick in the undies is your informational gain.
Now, since I had little money to start with im stuck with what Ive got. For such a good program, im surprised that it doesnt support Ntrig when your competitors do. It would probably be worth looking into, since microsoft just bought Ntrig. Every manufacturer is going to be using it soon.

Check the “Display” tab of the TBS preferences. There are some tablet settings on this page. Try modifying the settings (one at a time) and re-laiunching the software.

I think the surface Pro 3 stopped using a Wacom type tablet driver and now uses NTrig.

yea… they use ntrig now. so i dont know if its not compatible or if there is a driver issue.
i did try playing with those settings but nothing really happened. ill go thru them more carefully.
none of the touch functions work either. no pinch to reduce or spread to zoom etc.


I was considering buying the monthly Harmony subscription rather than outright purchase TVPaint. I grabbed the trials for both. TVPaint worked perfectly - pen pressure immediately - and I couldn’t be happier. I still wanted to check out Toon Boom, as 15 a month is easier than shelling out 300 minimum. Without pen pressure support for my Surface Pro 2 Toon Boom isn’t even an option for me. I’ll be happy with TVPaint, certainly, but I was hoping Toon Boom would be a viable alternative. Bummer.