Metalic colors?

Does anyone know how to make a color appear metalic? I have a student working on a car animation who needs shiny metalic colors. Any tips?

You could create the metallic color as a bit map and import it to your color pallet as a texture. -JK


I’m not sure if the gradient question from earlier was solved but you might want to try using gradient to simulate metal reflexion. Using a linear gradient with many tones might give you the wanted result.

Not sure if that is what you are looking for but hope it helps.

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I tried your gradient suggestion Ugo, and I agree that it works fantastic as a way to simulate metal. Thanks for the tip. I actually took a photo of a metallic object and built my gradient by using the color editing panel’s color picker tool to capture and create my various gradient tones and ended up with a swatch that matched the photo and looks exactly like a shiny metal surface. Much appreciated- JK