Messiah Studio 5 / 3D Software

Unfortunately, there is no “Other Software” section on this forum yet…

For anyone, who might be interested using a 3D software as well…?
Spend now $ 10.-- / 40.-- get the License key later…? Maybe…? If at all…?

My 3D software of choice is “Cinema 4D”, so can’t say anything about “Messiah”…

There is already a long Thread at the CG-Society:


Messiah is an excellent piece of software for rigging, animating and rendering, but you dont model in it.


It looks interesting. I am really enjoying playing with Blender and looking how I can use it to make life easier in animate.

I have been basically quickly modelling some spacecraft, animating them, importing the video and using it as a guide to quickly create turning/twisting craft.

Of all the 3D apps that are out there, I too really like Blender. As for your importing of spacecraft idea, you should try this. I use Sketchup Pro, download a free 3D model from their warehouse, export as 3DS, import into Swift3D, animate, export as SWF and import into Animate. I don’t think you can export with Sketchup Free. I’ve used Sketchup to find scifi cities for creating bitmap backgrounds and it works great.

Hey Nolan, I went and paid for the $40 for the Pro Version after seeing your post, and it looks like the Goal was met, so I guess we will be getting this very pricey piece of software.

I have never tried or been interested in 3d animation, but I think it is about time to start looking into it.

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Alex,

Excellent, that you took that offer…
For $ 40.00 one get a very powerful professional animation / rendering software…
Guess, this might keep you occupied for many years to come…?

Isn’t it alway exciting learning something new…?

If you like, here is a short film in production using Messiah by “THURISTAR”:


And using Toonboom ST PRO for storyboarding and animatic of the film, and all other THURISTAR projects ;D

We’ll show that in the next making of episode :wink:



i like 3d too,but this one is not for me

Hi Friends,

If you are looking for 3d storboard software then Frameforge 3d is a best choice for film makers, writers, storyboard artists and even software developer as well as business representative. It works very nicely for me, using separate flash card type of text boxes that can be moved around and arranged till it all fits together.