messages while importing illustrator: line join type; line cap style

i’m trying deseperatly to import normaly illustrator 10 files in TBS 2.5 (osx) and I always have that message: “unsupported features: Set line join type, Set line cap style” Jesus christ, i’m looking everywhere what it means and how I have to resolve that problem, and I find no answers even not on Illustrator’s help. Can someone tell me what I have to do to import properly illustrator files?
Thanx a lot boys and girls!

J. :slight_smile:

Have you try to create outline with all your line? Its working for me.

when I select all my drawing, and go to the menu "object “create outline” is not reachable, he’s in gray.

I have no text in my document,just drawinges, and when i go on “type” menu, “create outlines” is in gry, so I go to “effetct” menu and “path” and try the “outline stroke” and “outline object” but that doesen’t get the message away in toon boom. One other point, when i import it in toon boom, (with that message appairing everytime) and try drag and drop elements of my drawing, the color of it does move but not the black lines .

Do you have groups? because you cant create outline with group, if i remember :frowning: i dont have Illustrator at work ill try that tonight at home.

Actually I don’t think I have any groups defined in illustrator. I have done a little test with an elemantary circle with red colour inside and I still have the message in toon boom, look at the screen capture I have done of illustrator , maybe you can see if something is wrong with it.thanks for your kind help.J.