mesh wrap deformer

Please! can anyone confirm whether harmony advanced contain the mesh wrap deformer or not? I’m using trial of premium now, interested to buy it but as premium is out of my budget.

Did you ever find out if multiple meshes can be used? I have not found a way to make that work.

I don’t believe it does, but you can use bone deformers, you can also use a displacement map in After Effects, to learn more about harmony advanced features check out the user pdf guides using this link

Yes, after reading the doc, it does not :frowning:
So essential and advanced both have only one type of deformation.

ok, another question.
Can I use multiple deformer on a single drawing and convert deformer to drawing objects in harmony advanced?


Mesh Warp is indeed only in Premium.

I would recommend checking out the HTML version for Advanced as searching for features is more user friendly than the PDf version. :slight_smile: