Mesh warp tool - Not the current Mesh/Grip warp

This feature is similar to the Plastic tool in Toonz Premium ( and mesh warp capabilities of Spine (

This tool creates a animatable mesh incorporating the drawn asset (vector and bitmap) and allows for the mesh to be keyframed. The mesh can be edited for allowing more or less mesh points, allowing mesh points to be ‘pinned’ or like Plastic tool ‘painted’ with weights for how much influence the movement affects individual points.

Meshes created can be linked to bones or skeletons and move using existing skeleton tools (IK/FK systems).

Meshes should have z-depth ability, similar to current Harmony abilities with animating assets in front or behind other elements.

Meshes should be animatable using other tools, ie. a Magnet brush tool with falloff (allows mesh to stretch and bind due to Magnet tool influence).

Looks like Moho 12 (Anime Studio Pro 12) has implemented this feature in their software. Looks exactly like I was wanting it to.

Yea I would absolutely love this feature if it was implemented, it would make bitmap animation using existing images quite easy to do as well.

Thank you for the suggestion and the links to the additional information.
It always makes it easier to understand clearly the needs.