Mesh Warp does not deform vector drawings evenly


On Harmony 12 Premium, I am trying to deform a vector drawing into half-cylinder shape using Mesh Warp node. The problem is, the module does not deform the drawing evenly. If I set the mesh rows and columns to 1 x 1, I get pretty nice result around the mesh but I do not get as much influence on the area far from the mesh. When increase the number of mesh’s division to 2 x 2, I get strange distortion on the drawing. The drawing get “folded” around the middle-vertical mesh and you see hard angles on the drawing as supposed to nice arches.

I played with Deformation Quality parameter but it does not make any difference.

Is there any way to fix this, such as changing a Harmony’s preferences?
It will be the best if I do not have to increase the number of mesh’s division so it’s easier to control.