I have a board done by 3 Artists. One has delivered 9 TB SB sections ( each about 10 pages) as he was working in the trial version. I would like to know what is the easiest way to merge the to one single SBoard project.I have not found any info regarding this in the literature. Asked a few colleagues and they were not sure. Sounds like it should be a common procedure I would think. Thanks Rodney ( Elfiji)

-follow link to see in knowledge base : sb009_How to integrate different storyboards into a single project

Thanks Romi. I did this exactly as a test (thinking its just too simple of a solution).Works just fine. Thanks Rodney ( Elfiji)

1.other solution is to copy the panels you need in your partial storyboard2.then stay on the same tbsb.exe (dont create another)and open your main project3.copy in the timelinei think it’s more efficient.