Merging several colour palettes into one


Can anyone tell me how to merge several colour palettes into one palette?
I copy and paste different drawings from different files into my scene to create a new image but they all come with their own colour palette, some as element palettes and some as scene palettes but i want to put all these colours into just one scene palette, how do i do this?
copy and pasting as new colour from the other palette to my desired scene palette still requires me to individually change my strokes and fill manually with the new colours in my new palette which is time consuming when surely there has to be a shortcut or easier way to do this.

Thanks in advance.

In your new “master palette” make sure to copy all the used colours from their original palettes and from the Colour Window’s menu-Colours-Paste as Clone. Once you have cloned all the used colour pots into your new master palette, you can delete the now-obsolete palettes from the palette list used by the scene/elements.