merging points in a drawing

I have been trying to figure how you merge/fuse 2 point in a drawing in contour mode.

Could someone enlighten me :slight_smile:

Also I noticed when i hold alt down on a point in countour edit I get a wierd 3 bars editing mode. Could somebody also explain exactly how it works/what it meant to be useful for?

i don’t think you can merge points. you can click and highlight them and hit delete or you can select the curve or line and hold ctrl and add points.

as for the alt and the lines with the blues ends, they are for controling the lines curve leading up to the point and leaving the point.

if you highlight the point and hold alt, it will reset the two lines coming from the point(drag out from the point )

holding alt, go one of the two blue dots and it breaks the curve.

hope i clear things up abit.


Thanks, I think I got confused when I saw the third beizer handle and that it was just one off another point cause I was imagining things.

There still must be a way to merge/glue points together.

Like you if you use the polyline to create a shape, and then later deciede you need to close the shape to use the beizer handles feature.

I have experimented in closing shapes and it can be done but it is kinda of tedious.

Say you take the polyline tool and make a shape and you leave it open, meaning that you don’t click on the first point you created to close the shape. You can take the polyline tool and make a second shape, say a straight line and attempt to close your first shape.

If you zoom in real close you see that you still have two distinct shapes and the points are not merged. What I do is take one of the shapes and make sure that the line intersects with the line of the other shape. When you do this a blue point occurs at the intersection.

Select both shapes and run the optimize command. Then you can select and delete the points dangling off of the blue point. This blue point, then becomes a merged point if you will, and you can select the contour editor tool and hold down the option/alt key and pull out bezier handles to reshape it.

I am having trouble currently with my mobileme account, otherwise I would put up screenshots or a movie describing this in greater detail.

If you need further explanation just ask. I don’t know if this workaround is a hack which will cause trouble later at some point or if there is a better solution but I put it out there as an option.


Hi make sure your points or lines overlap. then you can simply flatten after selecting the lines. You should also be working with auto gap close tuned on when you are drawing closed drawing objects. This will do the job for automatically. Hope this helps



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